By creating an account on our services and using them, you express your unconditional consent to this Policy as well as to the Terms of Service to which they are attached. In case of disagreement, then you must refrain from using our services.

1. Data transmitted by the user

This is information that you choose to send to us directly by using the application.

Information Collected Use Share
UsernameOperation of the application (allow the user to be identified)Public
E-mail addressOperation of the application, Communication with our services and Security (allowing the user to be authenticated)Not public
Phone NumberNot requiredNot public
Date of BirthOperation of the application and Personalization of the service (to identify the user)Public (only age)
PicturesOperation of the application, Personalization of the service and Security (allowing the user to be identified)Public
Sensitive informationAccording to what the user is likely to communicatePublic

Our systems automatically process the content and communications you and others transmit in order to provide our services.

* Username
We recommend that you use common sense by not listing your last name as a username.

* E-mail address
In order to be able to receive all important communications from us, including in particular any possible modifications on this Policy, we will ask you to keep your contact email address up to date.

* Photo and message exchange
You need to think carefully about who you choose to share content with, as they can then share this content turn and in particular outside our services, including with individuals and companies. For example, when you send messages, any user can copy this content or take screenshots of it. You therefore remain responsible for any content that you alone choose to communicate and we recommend that to stay you always vigilant (never communicate your bank details to anyone).

* Sensitive information
Your description being a free text zone, we encourage you not to publicly communicate information that may be legally qualified as sensitive under of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This includes information relating to racial origin or ethnicity, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs or trade union membership, as well as health, to sex life or sexual orientation ... And if, despite everything, you want to communicate such information on your profile or by message, then such communication shall be deemed to have been "obviously made public" by you and then give your consent for their publication, within the meaning of the GDPR. Thus, the responsibility of our services cannot be sought for data disclosed and made public by a user.

2. Data Collected Automatically

This is information generated automatically by using the application.

Information Collected Usen Share
LocationOperation of the application and Personalization (allowing the user to be identified)Public (Distance in Km)
User IDOperation of the application, Communication with our services, Security and Personalization of the serviceNot public
Device dataDiagnosis and Follow-up of breakdowns, Security and Customization of the serviceNot public
Purchase historyDiagnosis, Security and Customization of the serviceNot public
Interaction with the serviceDiagnosis and Follow-up of breakdowns, Customization of the serviceNot public
Fault dataDiagnosis and Follow-up of breakdowns, Customization of the serviceNot public
Performance dataDiagnosis and Follow-up of breakdowns, Customization of the serviceNot public
Other diagnostic data and statisticsDiagnosis and Follow-up of breakdowns, Customization of the serviceNot public

* Location (precise or approximate, user choice)
This is geographic information such as your current location or where you live, so that we can propose to you and to other users people close to you.

This geographic information can also come from your IP address.

*Device data
In order to be able to target and solve possible breakdowns, but also for security reasons, we collect information about the device you are using. The information obtained by your connexion device is data such as the operating system, hardware and software version, your language, your IP address ...

* User ID
Generated automatically

* Purchase history
If you make purchases on our Services, please note that the App Store and the Google Play Store do not communicate not certain data to mobile applications including in particular the means of payment or bank details (data exclusively collected and processed by these platforms).

The only information exchanged between these platforms and our services concerns technical data (including, for example, a transaction number). However, our services collect data making it possible to establish the purchase history of a user and containing useful information (including, for example, the date of purchase, the offer subscribed to and the price paid ...)

* Interaction with the service
This is data on how you use the application (functionality used, hours and frequencies of use ...), that we use to personalize the content offered by our services.

* Fault, performance, diagnostic and statistical data
We collaborate with third-party partners who allow us to use analysis and statistics services, which allows us to develop, test and operate our services or to propose improvements. We don't sell your information to anyone and we never will.

And in general

In order to maintain a positive experience for users and to promote the integrity and security of our services, the information available to us is also used to verify accounts and activities in order to detect any undesirable or dangerous behavior or content as well as any violations of our Terms of Service.

3. Data transfer

°If ownership or control of any or all of our Services changes, we have the possibility of communicating your information to the new owner.

° To fulfill our legal obligations, we may need to share information with the authorities.

° To the extent necessary to protect our legitimate interests in the event of a dispute.

4. Data protection

In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), you have the right to consult, rectify or delete your data. For this you just need to contact us.

5. Data retention, deactivation and deletion of an account

We retain data until it is no longer necessary to provide our services, or until your account is deleted and according to the legal or operational needs of their preservation.

When you delete your account, we delete the content associated with it and you will no longer be able to retrieve this information. afterwards. To delete your account at any time, simply go to the app settings.

6. Changes to this Policy

We will notify you of any material changes to this Policy and provide you with an opportunity to review the revised version before continuing to use our.

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